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     "Ray Lombard is possessed with a literary artistry in describing gangster life and the brutal penalties that are exacted to meet the 'Outfits' goals... in his unique style it brings back the halcyon days of organized crime. One would think in his mode of description he were part of wearing the brimmed hat, the facial grimaces of brutality, and the commission of crime itself that leaps off the pages of his book, one could say the author, Ray Lombard literally lived the doings of the criminal organization as it was called the 'Outfit.'"

              Salvatore J. Avena - (Late) Criminal Defense Lawyer, Camden, N.J. 




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George Anastasia -  Says "More Like Brothers" is:  "A wonderful story about a family within a family and the true meaning of honor and loyalty... This book shines a light on a time and place that played pivotal roles in the development of what is now the Philadelphia – South jersey mob. Long before Angelo Bruno and Nicky Scarfo gave the “family” an identity, Camden, New Jersey and the goodfellas who lived and worked there defined the local branch of the American  Mafia."

"Good Luck Ray. You have a wonderful story about a family within a family and the true meaning of honor and loyalty."

George has also been described by 60 Minutes television profile and many others as "One of the most respected crime reporters in the country" 

Once targeted for death by Philadelphia crime family boss; John Stanfa, this author and long time writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer is an expert on the American Mafia.   


Leo Rossi Eastman/Rossi Productions in Los Angeles, CA raves:  

"More Like Brothers" grabbed me from the first page... When I read a book or a screenplay, if it doesn't 'grab' me in the first twenty pages, I don't read any further. This may be harsh but it's the truth. I produce movies and in the course of one year I have at least 200 books and screenplays submitted to me. It is imperative I go with my gut instincts.

The book, "More Like Brothers" grabbed me from the first page and didn't let go until I finished it. It captured a time and place with its vivid descriptions that transported me into a bygone era. The two protagonists, Manny and Frankie, have a bond that is at the core of this story and it has us rooting for them against the evil elements of the 'Organization'. These two young guys are certainly not without their shortcomings, but their commitment to family and each other makes us forgive their trespasses. I found myself hoping that they somehow could survive this terrible web they are caught in. For a book to involve me like this is refreshing. I salute the writer Raymond Lombard for a job well done."